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About Us

VoteTrump2020.US is a group of Patriots who Love Our Duly Elected President, Common Sense and The Rule of Law. A group of Patriots frustrated at how past Presidents, Congress, Elected leaders and The Rogue Bureaucracy have Squandered Our Greatness and Weakened America by Selling out our Great Nation to Foreign interests over the Interests of US Citizens, with the goal of turning it into a 3rd World Country under Globalist Control. All to line their Corrupted Pockets.

Congress and others have been Bought Off for too long. The 30+ yr Retreads in Congress are an Incompetent Disgrace Putting the Interests of Illegal Immigrants and Foreign interests, even hostile foreign Interests, ahead of US, Hardworking Blue Collar and White Collar Citizens and Business owners. NO MORE! Trump Gets it! Like us, He understands Life and Common Sense. Like us, He knows We, America, Hold all the Cards and Always Have. And, He knows how to play them! No more folding to Foreign Interests time and time again, when we, all along, Hold The Winning Hand.

We must win the Presidency, Congress and Senate in 2020 to get things done like no other time in history. 2020 is our Once in a Lifetime Chance to Massively Change the World for the Better. Getting your VoteTrump2020.US email is just one little added bullet to our arsenal to get this done. Please join us and tell a friend. We cannot take any chances at Trumps Re-election.

Your Fellow Patriots at VoteTrump2020.US Because "It's All About ."US"